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File Your Nails Perfectly With These Top Tips

by Keith Fox

The way your hands look can cause someone to form an immediate impression about you. That's why knowing how to file your nails perfectly is so important, especially if you're about to venture out on a first date.

Here's how to file your nails correctly to achieve a perfect result.

Tips on how to file your nails correctly for perfect results

  1. Always use a soft nail file or emery board for filing your nails. Avoid using nail files with very coarse grit, as these can easily tear and damage the nail, weakening it and making breakage and splitting more likely. Look for a file with a 240 grit to begin with.  
  2. When you file your nails, always file them in one direction only, rather than sawing back and forth. Sweep the nail file smoothly from the side of the nail towards the centre, working in one direction only to achieve the nail shape you want.  
  3.  As you file and shape your nail, hold the nail file flat against the tip of the nail. Angling the file as you work on the nail will cause the tip to become thin and brittle, leading to breakage.  
  4. Manicuring your nails and filing them can make them weak and dehydrated. Prior to your manicure, avoid immersing your nails in soapy water, especially if they are dry and brittle. Always wear rubber gloves when washing up.  
  5. Try not to file the sides of the nails too far down. This causes weakening of the nail at the stress point and usually leads to breakage. Hold the nail file parallel to the sides of the nail and avoid edging too far into the corner.  
  6. If you inadvertently file your nails too short, don't panic; your nails will grow back pretty quickly. In the meantime, use a neutral coloured nail polish to give the illusion of length.  
  7. To soften the ends of the nails or to create an oval shape, gently file the edges of the nails at a very slight angle. Be sure to keep the nail file perpendicular to the tip of the nail to avoid breakage.

In conclusion

You can create perfectly shaped nails by filing them carefully as per the directions given above. Of course, if you want to be guaranteed beautiful nails every time, you might want to consider investing in a professional manicure at your local nail salon, spa or beauty clinic.