Spoiling myself at the salon

Manicure Suggestions to Try During Your Next Salon Visit

by Keith Fox

Getting a professional manicure can make your nails look their best, and also keep them healthy and strong, as a professional nail technician can add products that strengthen and nourish nails. A manicure at a salon can also include a treatment for the hands, for relaxation and healthy skin. When you're ready to schedule a salon visit, note a few manicure suggestions you might discuss with your nail technician, so your hands and nails always look stunning.

Paraffin wax

A paraffin wax treatment involves dipping the hands in a warm wax, and then wrapping the hands in plastic bags so the wax can become slightly solid. The hands will absorb some of the wax, so the skin is instantly soothed and softened. This is a great choice for those who suffer from dry skin and nails, and for whom standard lotions and oils are not sufficient for softening the skin.

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage on the hands involves running smooth, warm stones over the hands and arms before a manicure. The warmth of the stones increases blood circulation, which helps to relax the muscles of the hands and wrists, and which also nourishes the nails.

Shellac manicure

A shellac manicure involves a special base coat that nourishes and feeds your nails and makes them stronger. A coat or two of shellac nail polish is applied over this base coat, and nails are put under a dryer with each coat, so the shellac becomes very strong. A top coat is then added to protect the polish and add shine. This shellac polish is very strong and resistant to chipping, so your nails are nourished and protected while looking their best.


Embellishments include anything added to the nails other than standard polish. There are many types of embellishments you might try for your nails; for example, in springtime, consider small acrylic flowers that are glued to the nails. These are especially good for formal events like weddings. Other 3D elements can be glued to nails, including small decorations for a holiday, or simple bows. If you're planning a night on the town, consider rhinestones or glitter. Some manicurists specialize in airbrushing the nails; this process involves a stencil that is held over the nail, and then a coat of special paint is airbrushed over the stencil, for a unique look. You can even choose from nail stickers in a wide variety of designs, which will liven up your nails and make them look their best.