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Remedial Massage And Scar Tissue: What To Know

by Keith Fox

While your body creates scar tissue as part of the healing process, this tissue can create some physical discomfort and pain. When scar tissues form, they don't necessarily work the same way as other tissues in your body. Your body can't replicate original tissues during this process.

Sometimes, you can use alternative treatments to reduce the negative effects of scar tissues. For example, remedial massage techniques have some success here. What do you need to know about how this process works?

Remedial Massage Works On External And Internal Scars

Some scars are primarily external or close to the surface. For example, if you have surgery, then you might be left with a visible scar on your body. Here, your scar tissue might not go so deep.

However, scar tissue can also form deeper inside your body. For instance, if you have a sports injury, then this tissue might form around some of your muscles, tendons and ligaments. You can't see the scarring but it is there.

Remedial massage can help in both cases. For example, light massage techniques might break down scarring after surgery while deep massage treatments can get to scarring deeper down in your body.  

Remedial Massage Boosts Healing

Scar tissue doesn't form or work in the exact same way as other tissues in your body. It has less movement, so it can feel tight. It can cause some discomfort or pain. If the tissue isn't aligned or positioned correctly, then it can put stress on your body.

This can be a particular problem as your body heals after a surgery, an accident or an injury. Your scar tissue might be inflamed at the start. It can add to the time it takes your body to heal.

If you have remedial massage treatments early in your recovery process, then you should heal more quickly. Massage brings oxygen to the area to reduce inflammation. It also encourages scar tissue to redistribute itself more naturally.

Remedial Massage Restores Mobility

Areas of scar tissue can affect mobility. This tissue can be thicker than the norm; it can also get in the way of other tissue in the area. When this happens, you might have some mobility problems. The scar tissue prevents parts of your body from working smoothly.

Even if you have old scar tissue, remedial massage therapy can help break the tissue down and work more naturally. For example, massage techniques can warm the tissue and encourage it to loosen. They can also break down adhesions and fibres that make the tissue more rigid. If you can do this, then you should restore some mobility.

To find out more, contact remedial massage therapists and talk to them about your problem.