Spoiling myself at the salon

  • Manicure Suggestions to Try During Your Next Salon Visit

    23 October 2017

    Getting a professional manicure can make your nails look their best, and also keep them healthy and strong, as a professional nail technician can add products that strengthen and nourish nails. A manicure at a salon can also include a treatment for the hands, for relaxation and healthy skin. When you're ready to schedule a salon visit, note a few manicure suggestions you might discuss with your nail technician, so your hands and nails always look stunning.

  • File Your Nails Perfectly With These Top Tips

    22 February 2017

    The way your hands look can cause someone to form an immediate impression about you. That's why knowing how to file your nails perfectly is so important, especially if you're about to venture out on a first date. Here's how to file your nails correctly to achieve a perfect result. Tips on how to file your nails correctly for perfect results Always use a soft nail file or emery board for filing your nails.